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2009 - 2010 - ESRA Paris Film School


2010 - Mastermind (fiction, 20 min)

2010 - Impulsion (doc, 15 min)

2010 - Stand Up Comedy (doc, 8 min)

2011 - La Ligne Droite (3rd asst. dir., 98 min)

2019 - Frennemis Jurés (part 1)

2024 - Frennemis Jurés (part 2)


2016 - Uterine Affairs

Céline is a playwright, screenwriter and director originally from Paris, France, who has been living in Los Angeles for several years.

After graduating from the ESRA Paris film school, where she wrote and directed the short film Mastermind and two short documentaries, she worked as a 3rd assistant director for Régis Wargnier's film La Ligne Droite, in Paris, France.

Céline took part in several short films projects, including Marionnettes in 2013 for the Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project.

In 2016, she directed Uterine Affairs at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, her first theater play, which she wrote as an absurdist comedy. The production earned an Encore Producer's Award and was nominated for Best International Play. Céline received an Inkwell Playwright's Award nomination.

In 2019, she directed the French comedy series Frennemis Jurés, created by Alexandra Guérineaud and Weetus Cren, produced by Magnussen Media Group. After winning awards as a web series, Frennemis Jurés is back in 2024 for a new season with higher stakes and new characters.

Céline also works as a translator and film/TV adapter.

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