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Frennemis Jurés pt. 2

In post-production... (2024)


Frennemis Jurés pt. 1 (SWORN FRENNEMIS, 2020)


Esther's Parisian life is thrown into shambles when Rex, her new American roommate, moves in.

The two think they are absolute opposites until they realize they are made of the same devilish thread.

Created by Alexandra Guérineaud and Weetus Cren

Produced by Magnussen Media Group

Directed by Céline Nyanga

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Frennemis Jures
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BLANK (short film)

In development...

Blank Poster-original-rev.jpg

When a beautician undergoes a sudden metamorphosis, her whole identity is thrown upside down as her family turns against her.

Writer and Director : Céline Nyanga

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